Frequently Asked Questions


  • is a unique startup that ventures into blue collar job search market. It provides following services to businesses of any kind :

    Blue Collar Job Search Services

    UnSkilled Workers Engagement

    Low Skilled Worker Contracts

  • All workers have to do is to give us a missed call at 89809 12345 using their mobile phone. Our Kaigal representative will call them at a later point and collects all required details from the worker for creating a profile with

    You can also register your details online using the below link

  • Please visit to see the list of currently available jobs with us.

  • operation is currently limited only to the state of Tamil Nadu. But soon, we would be venturing into Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra and Telangana.

  • No. is a social enterprise organization. We do not charge any fee for worker registration or for providing employment options to worker.

  • caters any businesses of any kind. Be it a small grocery shop who requires a sales person or a large scale paper board production factory who requires workers for their factory operations, provides services to all of them who are in need of blue collar labourers.

  • Businesses can reach us through our dedicated phone line - 9150502642 and share their hire requirements.

    Businesses can also reach us through email -

    We are also available in WhatsApp (6374812776) for quicker engagements.

  • does charge a nominal fee for its services. For pricing details, Please visit

  • doesn’t directly provide contractors to businesses. But, has tied up with manpower consultancies who uses our services, to provide manpower contracts to businesses.